Saturday, December 3, 2011

Baby Steps!

My daughter can walk!

Sadly, we did not get a video of the official *first* step, because we just don't happen to have a camera trained on her at all times. Her first step, immediately followed by her next few, happened earlier today when she was trying to distract me so I wouldn't realize it was nap time. I was distracted, but not so much that we skipped the nap.

So this is actually like her sixth step and then some. Still pretty cool in my opinion.


  1. Go Lizzie! Now the real aerobic parenting begins and you learn all the things that just can't be babyproofed.

  2. We already got a taste of that with the climbing. Lizzie's increasing mobility is doing wonders for my clutter tendencies.

    Or... um... at least I'm getting more in the habit of moving the clutter to my bedroom, the one room of the apartment that is absolutely off limits to Lizzie. At some point, Lee and I might have to start sleeping in the living room because there just won't be room for us in our room, but the dining room table is (mostly) clear, dammit.