Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oh, Look, a New Old Blog

Hey there. It's been a while. I have two kids now and we live in a completely different state. But you know all of that, because if you're reading this you either already know me or you are one of our AI bot overlords and you already know everything.

Well, I guess you could also be from the NSA, given all the things they're saying on the "news" lately. At which point you know more about me than I do anyway.

So, knowing that, there's really no need to get into the backstory of where I've been for the past two years, is there? Life happened. We were all there. Moving on.

I was thinking the other day that I really wanted to rant about something I saw on the internet that pissed me off. "I should blog about that!" I thought. And I got all excited and started composing a nice long ranty blog post in my head.

Except that, while I contribute to a bunch of different blogs these days, none of them were really geared toward the kind of ranting I wanted to do. It was all feminist and angry and about misogyny and rape culture, which doesn't really fit with any of the other blogs.

Don't worry. I'm over my rage and I'm not going to rant about that now. Maybe next time something gets my dander up. I lamented my lack of a feminist rant blog, but knew better than to start a new one.

a) I already have too much to do and not enough time to do it and maintaining yet another blog seemed like too much work to just think about, let alone do.
b) While I do on occasion get all crazy about rape culture and such, I don't have enough feminist rage to sustain regular internet venting on the topic (at least, I don't think I do) and I don't have enough to prompt me to form a collaborative feminist rage blog or anything.

Yeah, I know. I'm a very lazy ranter.

So I let it go and went on with life.

And then today there was a really great thing going on at my synagogue and I was all inspired and thoughtful about it and I really wanted to share those thoughts with the world. "I should blog about that!"

Alas, once again, the topic didn't really fit in with any of my regular blogs. I could have adapted it somehow and made it work, but that would have meant cutting it down or mucking it up and I didn't really want to do that.

Plus, again with the not much time and organizing my thoughts and then making them relevant to writing or parenting or weight loss or something just made the whole thing sound like too much work.

::sigh:: "That's twice this week I've wanted to blog about something and not been able to. I love blogging. I really should just start up a general purpose, random bits of randomness kind of blog for this kind of thing."

Um... wait... don't I already have one of those somewhere? I vaguely remember creating one while I was pregnant with Renee...

Sure enough, here we are on the blog that used to be and then was suddenly gone (as predicted) for two years and then today magically popped back up again.

Okay, not so magically. I spent naptime resurrecting it. And now I don't really have the time or inclination to write that blog post about the thing that got talked about at shul this morning, but I may come back to it later. At least the blog is here if I want it. At least until I get frustrated and kill it again.

Good night, Random Blog. Good work. I'll most likely kill you in the morning.

Or maybe not. You never know.