Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Official

I had my first official OB appointment for my pregnancy today. I suppose I should say *we*, because the whole family attended this auspicious event. My darling husband is very supportive and wanted to be there with me and Lizzie, obviously, is too young to just be left home on her own for a couple of hours.

The visit was kind of a neutral experience. Some pluses and some minuses, as is the way of most things in life.

I had an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy. I am definitely pregnant. Yay!

But I'm not as pregnant as we originally thought. Calculating from my last period, I should be about 8 weeks along by now. Instead, according to the measurements the ultrasound tech took, I'm only about 4 weeks. My in-laws are coming to visit this weekend and we're spending a week in Florida with my family the week after next. We were talking about telling them all when we saw them, but now we're thinking probably not. It's just too soon.

Too soon, because there's still 8 weeks left in that precarious first trimester when anything can happen and bad stuff usually does. I've been pregnant five times before, counting this time. I have one child. My other three pregnancies ended in early miscarriages, so I'm very aware of this risk. Lee and I don't believe in telling people early anymore unless we have to. Those "Yay I'm pregnant!" calls are great. The "I'm not pregnant anymore" calls that follow a miscarriage are very much not great.

On the other hand, I did get to see a microscopic image of my pregnancy sack at the ultrasound. Admittedly, it just looked like a blob of grey in the midst of other blobs of grey. But it's my baby blob of grey!

My new OB is really nice. I only met with him for a few minutes in the hallway. Apparently, because I'm so early on, they decided there was no need to do a full exam and such on this visit. We're holding off on all that until I come back in four weeks for another ultrasound. Hopefully at that visit, they'll be able to confirm that heartbeat (yay!) and then we'll move forward with exams and labs and everything.

I was a little irritated with the OB nurse at the office. She sat down with us at the end of the visit to get all our particulars and go over how the practice operates for pregnancy patients and stuff. She was perfectly pleasant most of the time we were with her. But at one point she started giving me some serious attitude over how my dates could have been so far off. Hey, I explained when I first called to make the appointment that I have PCOS and irregular cycles. Apparently, she was more inclined to believe I just can't count.

Whatever, lady. Be snippy and look at me like I'm stupid. Ask me three times if I'm sure there's not another period I got in the middle there and just forgot about. (Because when you only get your period a few times a year, they're nice light, restful, painless days that easily just slip your mind. </sarcasm>) I don't care. I got to see my baby blob of grey!

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